Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by greyherring...)

You start to become desperate with all the hands reaching and grabbing at you, so that without thinking, you turn around and punch someone who has their hand on your arm. You hear them shout out but they release their grip and you make a mad dash for the exit.

You’re only a few feet away when you’re suddenly grabbed around the waist by a pair of arms. You swing at him too, but more and more people come to subdue you. “It’s like they’re mindless…” you think to yourself.

Within seconds, your clothing is completely torn off your body and you feel yourself being forced down onto someone lying on the floor. The person on the ground holds you in place by wrapping his arms around your waist, and you feel his dick bury itself all the way inside you. Unintentionally you let out a soft moan, and that seems to make everyone even more sexually attracted to you.

The people around you go into a frenzy and pull down their pants, revealing their hard dicks. Immediately you feel one slide inside your ass, and the same person grabs your hair in his hand and pulls it back. You moan again, and as you open your mouth someone else takes the opportunity to shove their dick into your mouth. You nearly gag on it, but after a few seconds you get used to it.

The man behind you who’s grabbing your hair takes his other hand and grabs your arm, holding it behind you so you’re even more limited in how much you can move. Others stand around and wait for their turn, and you feel them shoot cum all over your body as you’re being fucked.