Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by greyherring...)

Even though you’re clearly being molested, no one watching seems to care. If anything, they want to join in.

The two dicks pounding you from behind feel insanely good and your brain keeps telling you that you want it, and if you were to accept that then you’d probably stop trying to resist. But in the back of your head you know you don’t.

With the guy in the back pulling your hair, you can’t move your head so you elbow him with your free hand and he grunts as he lets go. Now your other hand is free too, but the man underneath you still has his arms around your waist holding you in place, and someone in front of you is still face-fucking you. You grab his balls to try and hurt him but it only makes him groan and cum in your mouth. You moan as some of it also gets onto your face, but you continue struggling and you make the man underneath you release his grip. You try to sit up and flee but his dick is buried tightly inside you and it’s stuck. You push down on him and try to pull it out, but he cums inside you and you gasp loudly.The pleasure makes you fall back down, and the man quickly secures you again.

“No!” you yell but it’s no use, and within seconds your other holes are jammed again and the gangbang continues.