Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Greyherring...)

The fuckfest goes on for another thirty minutes, with your dominant captors making sure the whole time that you are firmly secured. Afterwards they all release their loads onto and into you and you fall to the floor, covered in white.

It’s hard for you not to pass out right there, but you manage to pick yourself up and you stagger to the exit. You see a towel that someone left behind in all the chaos, and you cover yourself as much as you can.

Afterwards, you wipe off what you can off your visible parts and sit down outside on a bench. You should probably try to just return at this point, but your phone along with all your other belongings are now gone. You curse to yourself and growl in frustration.

You could still try to find your way home; you’re actually pretty decent at navigating the area. Or you could try to go to the beach anyways, to take a break from everything. But wait, is that your best friend Claudia over there across the street?