Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Greyherring...)

That gangbang was really enjoyable for you, because you never thought about being dominated that way before. Knowing that you could do nothing about it made it even better, so you decide to stay on the bus. You move into a seat and sit there with your back to the side of the bus and your legs spread open.

A group of teens hop inside, and as soon as they see you they gasp. Without thinking they take off their clothes in a frenzy and run towards you, but you hold them back with your foot. As they approach the bus doors close and it starts to move again.

“You want some of this?” you say with a smile.

The group nods frantically, but you take the moment to tease them. Unfortunately, that sends one of them over the edge and he pushes your legs away and leaps into the seat with you. You laugh and try to push him away with your arms, but he immediately buries his dick inside your pussy and you let out a moan. He then grabs you and holds you tightly in place, making sure you can’t move, and moans as you tighten your inner muscles against his dick. He starts slamming into you uncontrollably, and you gasp.

Within a minute he pulls out and shoots a load of cum at your face, and you smile. But before you can enjoy it, you feel multiple hands grab you and pull you out of the seat. You fall onto one of them who sticks his dick up your ass and wraps his arms around your waist, securing you. Then another dick buries itself inside your pussy, and he pulls your hands in front of you and holds them together. The others bend down and rub their dicks on your body, squeezing your tits.

You close your eyes and bite your lip as you get fucked, and try to enjoy it. It’s not like you could get away, anyways. But after fifteen minutes, they haven’t stopped even though they’re all came in and on you multiple times. “U-uh, guy-ys?” you try to say as your body rocks back and forth.

The teenager in your pussy grins and continues slamming into you. “You enjoying this, girl?” he replies.

“It-ts getti- Aah! getting a b-bit late now, don’t you think?”

“We’re going to a party across town. I really want to go, but honestly this is better. I could go on all night with you.”He smiles again, still holding your hands together.

“Cou-l- could you- Aa!”

“Alright guys, cool it for a second,” he says.

The others slow down, and the two dicks inside you come to a stop. However, they’re still deep in you.

“Look, you’re not leaving anytime soon. You’re just too sexy to not be fucked. But if you have a suggestion, I’m willing to hear it.”

You pant and look back at him. “How about we stop for now, and I come with you guys to the party? We can continue this there, but I’d rather not stay on the bus this whole time.”

The teen thinks about it for a second, then nods. “That seems alright.”

The others nod.

You could go with them to the party, but you also see that they’re currently distracted talking to each other. You could try to escape, but can you manage to free your arms and pull the two dicks out of you in time?