Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Horny Schoolgirl...)

“Mmmhm… Bro,” you quietly moan as he strips off his shirt, revealing a lean and muscular torso. His eyes fixate on you as he brushes a strand of hair away from your face, and smile. He unbuttons his jeans to reveal the hardest dick you’ve ever seen. Who knew that your brother felt this way about you?

“I want to eat you out,” he says like he is in a trance.

You hop off his hastily-made bed and seductively pull off your halter top. Your large tits spill out and he stands up and squeezes them briefly before pulling off your miniskirt. He cups your face and leans in to kiss you. Fingers trail across your ass and pry your cheeks apart as he sits back on the bed, your soft pussy directly over his dick.

You drop down and bounce on his manhood, tits flying. You kiss his neck briefly before concentrating on not cumming. Soon you feel him grip your ass tighter as he fills up your womb with cum.

When he pulls out, cum is still flying from his dick and you shove it in your asshole. He pulls out a large thick plug and lodges it in your pussy. He came so hard, that cum is pouring out like a hose and you squirm as the cum sits inside you, ready to burst out.