Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Horny Stepsister...)

Of course, he isn’t your real father. Your real dad hasn’t been a huge part of your life since your mother married D.J., your stepdad. He has two kids, your stepbrother Brody, a lean, muscular, basketball player with pale skin and dark foreboding hair and eyes. And there’s Layla, a hyperactive girl who is the definition of dumb blonde.

As you stand there, your stepbrother gropes your subtly and pulls you in for a kiss. Your stepdad quickly scolds him saying, “She’s your stepsister. You shouldn’t have that kind of relationship with her!”

Your biological mother chooses this moment to leave for work… good. Brody eyes you with a certain thirst, and Layla runs up and slaps your ass. She stands directly behind you and delicately nibbles your ear.

“Hungry?” Brody asks as he eyes your lips.

“Nah, I’ll be going now,” you quickly mutter and walk upstairs to the parents’ room. You eye the stringy lingerie on the bed. Quickly changing into the stocking and garter belt, you prance around and slap your ass for good measure. The door creaks open. Is it Layla, Brody, or your stepdad?