Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Horny Stepsister...)

“Aren’t you a naughty bitch…” Brody whispers as he opens the door.

You quickly move your hands to cover your tits as he walks in.

“No need, we are all family here,” Brody murmurs as he sneaks up behind you and grabs your arms.

He kisses you deeply and you can’t help but to enjoy it. Last year, you went on vacation at his grandparents’ house in Las Vegas and you two shared a bed and he humped the pillow all night, pretending it was you. Quickly, you tease him with a playful ass slap.

“You play by my rules. My pussy, my rules.” You giggle.

“Whatever you say, my queen!” he exclaims.

First you ease off his athletic shorts. “No boxers?” you ask.

It almost seems that this is too easy. The door creaks open an inch. You tuck your hair behind your ears as you sit down and bury your face in Brody’s crotch and suck his balls.

“I know you said to play… ugh… by your… mhm… rules… but. I need you. Now!” he says between moans.

The door opens wider to reveal your ginger stepdad, pants down. With his dick in one hand and another on the door handle, he makes a strange sight.

“You can watch but that’s all… I’m only Brody’s toy,” you laugh.

D.J looks as uncomfortable as he is disappointed. He silently leaves you and Brody.

You mount Brody and ride him for all he is worth. Ever since you met him years ago, you wanted this moment to be yours. Brody begins to suck gently on your nipples. Minutes later, you climax in unison. Your moans shatter the quiet pattern of your ass and his dick slapping.

You lie down, cum leaking down your pantyhose, and smiling.

“What if?” you ask.

“What?” He looks confused.

“What if I’m pregnant?”

Brody smiles. “Then you’ll finally be mine.”

“I like that.”

He climbs on top of you and shoves his prick into your ass this time. You suck on your index finger to keep from screaming. You can hear the cum sloshing around in your womb. You’re undoubtedly pregnant.

Realizing you are still in your parents’ room, which unfortunately is carpeted, you panic. Cum spatters the red carpet, how will you get it out?

“I’ll clean it up,” you say quietly.

“You know what they say… don’t drop the soap,” Brody winks.

You grab a bottle of Magic Carpet Kleener, which happens to be on the nightstand. Huh… you guess it must happen a lot. As you begin scrubbing the semen out, you realize that Brody is right behind you with his dick in between your legs as you are on all fours. His long dick easily meets your boobs as you are a tiny girl and his thighs are pressed up against yours. He moves in and out from between your legs and for a while it’s like a rhythm. Soon without Brody’s help, the mess is mostly clean.