Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Horny Stepsister...)

D.J sneaks up behind you, his penis hard already by his curvy stepdaughter.

“Daddy got a boner?” you say, turning to face him.

“Emma… that’s not necessary.”

You drop down to your knees and brush against his ginger pubes. You go on your hands and knees for daddy and wave your ass into the air teasingly. He plunges deeply and fucks you harder than his diamond-hard dick that is going to explode in you. He may be in his early forties but what the hell. Why not?

Cum squirts out of your pussy as he fills you with his fluids.

Fuck. He came too early. Not satisfied, you go after Layla. She has a pretty sharp tongue and it might be put to better use in your pussy. You walk out, noticing that Brody has left the house. Strange.

Oh well, just Layla will do.