Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by anon...)

You don’t have time for her.

You walk out of the store and back to the street: Honeydew lane. It has all your favorite shops and stores. You and Dan used to come here all the time.

Just as the thought crosses your mind, there he is, outside the old antique book store. He’s wearing a black jacket that might be just a bit too tight, outlining his muscular figure. You loved that jacket. He always let you borrow it and it always smelled like him, coffee and cedar and a little cologne.

Before you even realize what you’re doing, you walk closer to him. Closer and closer…

“Hey Emma,” he says once he sees you. “It’s been a while. How’ve you been?”

“Fine,” you say. “Can I ask you something?”

“Uh, sure.”

“Why, Dan?”

“It was a mistake.” He looks you up and down, hunger in his eyes. You know he’s turned on by you.

“And why is that?” you say in your sexiest voice.

“You’re so… hot. Perfect.” He licks his lips. “I want you. You, not Jennifer. You!”

“And tell me why,” you say, knowing his answer will turn you on too.

“Your body… slim, slender, but curvy, oh, your curves…” His voice trails off and he licks his lips again. “You turn me on, Emma, you always have.”

“And Jennifer?”

“A memory. Follow me,” he says, and grabs your hand.

You weren’t planning on this, but you let him take the lead. He was always the dominant one, anyway.

He pulls you down a side street, and you know where he’s headed: his apartment.

A few yards away, he stops, and moves you against the wall. His hands are at your waist, strong and firm. He holds you against the wall, raises one hand and strokes your cheek, and smiles. His skin is warm against yours. And then he kisses you. You miss how it feels, his lips on yours.

There’s a rhythm. Dan kisses you with passion, and then, because he knows you like it, kisses down your jawline, down your neck. He kisses and sucks at your collarbone as if he’s giving you a hickey.

You moan, despite knowing someone could hear you. But it feels so good…

“Ah Dan… Ah… Ahhh!” You’re moaning loudly but you don’t care who hears it.

He makes his way down to your breasts, holds them in his hands as he kisses and sucks them. It feels so good. He’s ravenous.

Then he stops.

“Come into my apartment,” he demands. You like when he takes control. You feel yourself getting turned on. He grabs your hand.

“I have some fun stuff inside,” he adds.

You’re both breathing hard, your heart is racing, and you open your mouth to say…