Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Jacob D...)

“You can fuck me without a condom daddy!” you say as your father gropes your ass.

“Are you sure, is it a safe day?” your father asks.

“No, but I want you so bad daddy,” you say. You can tell that you saying it isn’t a safe day has turned your father on even more, because now he’s placing the tip of his rock-hard cock at your entrance.

“Here it comes baby girl,” he says. He thrusts his cock all the way inside of you, stretching your pussy out. You moan and grab the sheets of your bed.

“Ohh daddy you’re so big, fuck me hard daddy,” you moan, wanting more of his dick.

Your father lets out a small laugh before pulling his cock back to the tip, then thrusting all the way back inside of you. He repeats this motion, fucking you hard and fast, making you moan as his cock rubs that spot with every thrust. You can hear the sounds of his sweaty body smacking against yours and both of you are moaning as you become his new sex slave.

You can feel his grip on you tighten and his thrusts speeding up. He’s close but you are feeling too good to say anything. His breaths are getting ragged and his cock is twitching as he fucks you.

Suddenly you feel your daddy thrust into you hard one last time and you can feel his hot cum flooding inside you, reaching the deepest parts of you, completely filling you with cum.