Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Giantdevil...)

You’ve never had an experience like that before. You’ve had sex with multiple men at once in every hole you have. It turns you on just by thinking about it. You want more of that and don’t care who from.

You see two men walking up the street towards you. They see you, they check you out, and you see their body language change. You recognize the look from the men on the bus.

“You see anything you like?” you ask as you spread your legs and massage your breasts.

They follow you into an alley. They caress your body feeling your breasts, belly, and ass all while you’re kissing them.

They pull down their pants, your pants and your shirt. You kneel down and start stroking their cocks at first, then slowly sucking them. You’re not even being aggressive — you’re just enjoying yourself in the moment.

One of them lifts you to your feet.

“I want to fuck your ass,” he says almost like a question.

“Please do,” you say happily.

You turn around and bend over. He spits on his cock and your asshole. Then he massages your hole with his fingers. All the while you’re sucking the other cock. He starts to push it in. You can’t help but take your mouth off that cock.

“Oooowww God yes!” you scream.

He pushes it slowly all the way in. You’re amazed that you’re still so tight, given that you’ve had multiple men fuck your ass already that day. He move slowly at first but he soon picks up speed. You’re loving this. A stranger is fucking your ass and you’re sucking off another stranger.

You decide to switch men and they don’t mind but at all. You taste your ass on the man’s cock while another cock goes in your ass. You think to yourself, ‘when did this happen, when did I become such a whore?’ The thought soon fades as you’re brought to screaming orgasm.

“How about you fuck both my holes please?”

The one in your ass lifts you up and the other shoves his cock in your pussy. You hold them close to hold you up. You love this feeling — the intense pleasure of both holes being fucked. They bounce you up and down on their cocks. They say they’re getting close.

“Oh put me down I want to swallow your cum,” you plead.

You’re on your knees holding your mouth as wide as possible while they stroke their cocks. One shoots his load directly into your mouth. You hold it in your mouth and soon the other one shoots his cum into your mouth too.

You have two massive loads of cum in your mouth. You gargle it and squish it in your mouth before swallowing it all.

The men leave you there. You see a “for rent” sign on a small house. You might be able to work out of the house, or just work the streets.