Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Giantdevil...)

Your dad doesn’t give you a chance to answer. He picks you up and lays down with you on top of him in the reverse cowgirl position.

“There you go son, check in the front door,” your dad gloats.

“Wait, not both holes! I’ve never done that!” you beg.

Your brother looks at your pussy and can’t control himself. He goes in.


They pound you hard and fast. You look at your mother to see that she’s started masturbating.

“Oh Emma honey, you’re taking those cocks like a big girl, I’m so proud.”

“I don’t think I can take it, Mom!”

“Yes you can sweetheart. Just surrender yourself to pleasure,” your mother tells you.

Your brother pulls out of you. “Dad, I want some of that ass too.”

You get off your dad’s cock as your brother lies down. You sit on his cock, guiding it into your ass. You breathe deeply as it penetrates you. You get a rhythm going, then your dad shoves his cock in your mouth. You pull away.

“Eww Dad, that was in my ass!”

“It’s okay sweetie, my dick needs to be cleaned, your mouth is the perfect place!” he claims.

“Oh, okay Dad,” you accept. You suck his cock like you like you love it. “Daddy, I can’t believe you haven’t cum yet,” you say in confusion.

“Your father has great stamina,” your mother says proudly.

Meanwhile your brother is pounding your ass like he’s winning a marathon. Your mother’s still masturbating but faster. Your brother can’t hold it anymore — he cums in your ass.

“Looks like your brother doesn’t quite have your dad’s stamina,” your mother says sarcastically. “Come here baby, sit on my face real quick.”

You do and she sucks the cum from your ass while you finger yourself. Your father still hasn’t cum yet. He comes closer so you can suck him some more.

“Okay Emma, I’m ready to cum. Come here, give me back that ass!” your Dad commands. He sits on the couch next to your mom and you sit on his cock in reverse. You bounce up and down while your mom massages your pussy. You shake as your mom shoves in two fingers, pushing you over the edge.


“Ow yeah baby, cum now, cum in her mouth!” your mother shouts.

You get off him and start sucking him like there’s no tomorrow, until finally he shoots his load in your mouth. It’s so much and you’re swallowing it as it comes out so you don’t spill.

“Give to me honey,” your mom pleads.

You climb up to your mother and start kissing her, giving her your Dad’s cum. You cuddle with your mom for a while. You’ve realized that you have surrendered to the pleasure and you don’t know what going to happen next.