Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Giantdevil...)

Nobody wants to wait so they decide to go all at once. The five of them ante up two hundred dollars each. Your brother takes the money puts it in his pocket.

“You okay here Emma? You want me to stay or no?”

“No, I’m good.”

Your brother nods then walks out of the room. You walk towards them as they surround you. You take off your clothes and they do the same. You get on your knees and start stroking and sucking cocks — one in your mouth and one in each hand. You rotate to each one to make sure everyone gets equal treatment.

Derek pulls you up towards him as he sits on the couch turns you around and pulls you down, penetrating your ass with his cock.

“Oh god yes, I love it in my ass!”

It doesn’t take long before you get a cock in your pussy too.

“Aaawwww my god, I love it.”

They fuck hard and fast. The remaining three stay on the couch so you can suck them off. It’s hard to suck cock when you’re screaming in pleasure but you’re stroking them vigorously.

They rotate themselves, giving other boys a chance at your holes. Derek is in your mouth and the taste of your ass isn’t as gross as you thought it would be. Derek shoots his cum down your throat and you swallow it all. Derek leaves and now you’re down to four.

One stands you up then lifts you up. He puts his cock in your pussy then another puts his in your ass.

“Yes fuck me like the whore I am!”

You bounce up and down on their cocks, loving every second of it. They bring you to a screaming orgasm. You get down and suck those cocks, tasting juices all over them. You stroke them faster, bringing them closer and one of them shoots their load mostly in your mouth, then the other. You swallow what’s in your mouth and use your fingers to wipe the cum off your face, licking your fingers as you do.

Two more to go. You get on all fours and one penetrates your ass while the last one goes for your mouth. You go back and forth on these cocks. The one in front grabs some hair in each hand and just face-fucks you. The one in your ass is using long deep thrusts with an occasional slap on the ass. The one in your ass cums first. The cum starts to drip out and you catch what you can with your hand and lick it clean. The last guy is a little annoyed that he came in your ass but he will happily fuck that pussy. He puts you in the missionary position and fucks you like there’s no tomorrow. You have your hands on his ass as he thrusts. You hear him groaning like he’s close.

“Don’t cum inside, please.”

He pulls out and starts stroking his cock with purpose. You open your mouth to try to catch what you can. It shoots all over your body — some gets in your mouth but not much. You use your fingers to gather all the cum, licking your fingers clean as you go.

All the boys are well satisfied and you are too. You think you’ve got enough practice. You go outside where your brother is waiting at his car. You walk up to him.

“So how did it go?”

“Oh my god the best experience of my life, thank you!”

“We can do this again. I’m sure I can find more guys to pay for sex.”

Tonight was an amazing night but do you really want to become a full-time whore?