Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Giantdevil...)

The next day you’re just watching TV in your room when there’s a knock on the door.

“Come in,” you yell.

Both your parents come in and sit down on each side of you. “We need to talk about what happened yesterday,” your mom says.

You’re scared because you fucked your brother twice (well, once that they know of) and your dad fucked your ass before that.

“We know what you and your brother did last night and I know what you and your father did yesterday morning,” she says calmly.

Your eyes widen in fear and you don’t know what to say. You could try to deny it but you know they saw you and your brother, Your mom was in the next room when you and your dad had anal sex and she could have seen you.

Without warning she grabs you by the hair. “Tell me what you did with my husband!” she yells.

“He fucked my ass,” you admit.

“Did you like it, whore?” she demands.

“Y…y…yes,” you hesitantly admit.

“Let’s see how much you like it!” She pulls you to face your father and makes you get on your knees. “Take out his cock, whore.”

You take off his pants and underwear. His cock is only half erect.

“Looks like he needs some help. Well, what are you waiting for? Suck it you little whore!” your mother commands.

You lick up his cock and lick and kiss the head before taking down your throat.

“That’s it, that’s a good whore,” she says as she starts to massage your breast and rub your pussy through your pajama pants. You start to moan as you continue to suck your dad’s dick. Your mother eventually puts her hands underneath your clothes, massaging your bare breasts and pussy. You stop for a moment.

“Can I take off my clothes please mother?” you ask, trying to catch your breath.

“Yes you can,” she says.

You raise your arms as they lift your shirt. Your father sucks on your nipples as your mother slides your pajama pants down. You are completely naked now. Your dad is still sucking and massaging your breasts but your mother starts licking your pussy and ass. Your dad sits down on your bed and you resume sucking on his cock. Your mom presses her body against your back with her arms around you, fingering your pussy.

“You said you like it in the ass,” your mom whispers in your ear.

You take your mouth off your dad’s cock, gasping for air. “Yes I do,” you say, still out of breath.

“Show me,” your mom commands you.

You get up, turn around and lower yourself on his cock. Your mom guides it in. Your eyes are shut and your mouth is open. “AAAAWWWWWWW God Yes!” you scream.

You move up and down on his cock with your mom licking your pussy. “Mom, look under my bed in the shoe box,” you tell her.

She looks under the bed and pulls out a shoe box. She opens it and finds a big dildo.

“Oh honey I like this,” she says before she puts in her mouth. “Now I think I’ll use this first.” She turns around, pointing her ass towards you. She rubs the dildo around her asshole before pushing it in.

“Oh Emma honey, I see why you like it,” she moans.

Watching her fuck herself in the ass with your toy turns you on even more. You move yourself faster while fingering your pussy.

“Oh yes oh god aaawwwwww!” you scream as you cum.

Your mother pulls out the toy, turns towards you and gives it to you. You lift yourself up enough for your mother to pull your dad’s cock out of your ass. She sucks his cock, tasting your ass while you suck on the toy, tasting her ass.

“You want this cock back in your ass?” your mother teases.

“Oh god yes,” you beg.

You sit back down on his cock. You turn your head to kiss your dad. Your mom takes the toy back and starts to rub your pussy with it.

“Oh yes Mommy, please it shove it in.”

In one push it goes all the way in your pussy. You’ve never felt anything like it — you only wish it was a real cock not a dildo. They fuck you hard and fast, until your dad can’t hold it anymore. You get off him and get on your knees while he stands up. Your mother and you start jerking him off until he sprays his cum all over your faces. You lick each other’s faces clean and start making out when you’ve finished.

“You’re a good whore. I know what to do with good whores,” your mom says with a cold yet sexual tone. All you know that it doesn’t sound good.