Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Giantdevil...)

Your dad always had his man cave in the basement but they turn it into a studio apartment to keep you in. There’s a queen-size bed, a 60 inch HDTV, a couch, a small fridge and a microwave, even a tub with a shower. They keep you well fed and all, but you can’t leave.

Your dad comes down and sits on the couch.

“What will it be today?” you ask submissively.

“Just a blowjob I think,” he says contently.

You nod and pass him the remote for the TV while he opening up his pants. You kneel down in front of him, get his cock out and get to work. You go slow with just your mouth. He has one hand on your head and the other holds the remote. He channel-surfs for a while but usually lands on sports. He barely looks at you, just rubs your head and sometimes he moves his hand to your cheek. You hear the door open and footsteps down the stairs but you don’t look up.

“Hey dad, you almost done?” you hear your brother say.

“Almost,” your dad replies.

“You mind if I just jump on in?” your brother asks.

“No, help yourself,” your dad says happily.

This doesn’t bother you much. You feel your brother’s hands on your ass. He massages it before sliding down your pants. He starts to finger your asshole. You moan but you don’t take your mouth off that cock. Your brother squeezes another finger into your ass. As he fingers you it makes you go faster, bringing your dad to the edge. You deep-throat his cock while he cums all down your throat. After he finishes he gets up and leaves.

“Thanks Emma, see you again soon,” your dad says as he leaves.

“All right, now you’re mine!” your brother cheers.

“Yes all yours,” you agree.

He gets his cock out and begins to penetrate your ass. “He almost always goes for my ass,” you think to yourself, not that you complain or anything.

He pushes it in and out deeper with every thrust. You bite down on the couch trying not to scream too loudly. He pulls out and tells you to suck his cock, you do of course, tasting your ass on his cock.

He lies down and commands you to sit on his cock. He rubs your clit as you guide his cock back into your ass. You start to shake as he brings you closer to cumming. You begin to spasm and you would have fallen off him if he didn’t catch you. He doesn’t lose his rhythm and then shoots his cum up your ass.

You get up as the cum oozes out your ass. You get as much of it as you can with your hands and put the cum in your mouth. And, same as your dad, he gets up, gets dressed, thanks you and leaves.