Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Giantdevil...)

You go back to watching TV like nothing happened. You don’t even put your clothes back on. A few hours later your mom comes down. You stand up and wait for instructions.

“You know what to do,” she tells you.

You nod then you get on the coffee table which has chains attached to it. Your mom shackles you to the table and takes out a whip.

“You ready for your training?” she asks you while whipping her hand twice.

“Yes,” you reply eagerly.

She starts to whip you on the ass. You shriek as she continues to whip you. “What is your purpose?” she asks you with an aggressive tone.

“To please the family, in every way possible.”

She grabs you by the mouth then kisses you. You moan as you kiss her back.

“Good girl,” she says, then she calls down your brother and father.

“Now before we get started I think you need something first.” Your mother brings out a decently big butt plug.

“Mommy, I think that’s too big!” you question her.

Without hesitation she whips you hard. “Don’t question me again!” she commands you.

“Yes mommy,” you concede.

She licks the toy then your ass. She begins to push the toy in slowly. The sensation is intense and your mouth is open but you’re trying not to scream. Finally it’s all the way in.

“There you go sweetie, all the way in. Doesn’t that feel good?” she wants to know.

“Yes Mommy,” you tell her.

She nods to your dad and brother and they come closer, undoing their pants. Your brother gets behind you, and your dad in front of you. You open your mouth, waiting for your dad’s cock. They put their cocks in you almost at the same time.

The feeling of the butt plug and your brother’s cock inside you is too intense for words (not that you could say anything with your dad’s cock in your mouth.) They continue to fuck you fast and hard, and you can hear your mother’s moans so you know she’s enjoying this almost as much as you are.

“Okay, stop for a moment,” she says.

“But Mommy, I don’t want to stop yet,” you beg.

“Just for a moment, Emma sweetie,” she tells you as she moves her hand down your cheek. She slowly pulls out the plug. She brings it to your mouth so you can suck on it.

Your mother releases you from the chains and tells your brother to lie down on the bed. He does and she signals you to join him. You get on top of him in the reverse cowgirl position. You kinda miss the sensation of something in your ass, so you guide his cock up your butt.

Your dad joins you and puts his cock in your pussy. This feeling of pure pleasure mixed with pain is intoxicating. Your mom sits on the couch watching you get fucked, before putting the butt plug in her ass and shoving a dildo into her pussy. You look at each other while you’re brought to climax.

Soon your brother and father can’t hold on anymore and they cum inside you, then your mother comes over and sucks the cum out of each hole and swallows it.

You have several orgasms fucking your family. And now that’s all you want. You are a prisoner in your parents’ house and wouldn’t have it any other way.

The End