Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Zelenaaa...)

You hesitate for a moment, before eventually giving in. “Fine, but no dirty business. Just a quick fuck, and we’re done.”

Your brother can clearly sense the annoyance in your voice, before you get pulled onto the bed by a pair of greedy hands.

“Are you ready?” He slowly reaches under your sexy shirt to massage your tits. He cups them in his hands, his thumbs making your nipples erect. You slowly look down to see his dick standing up, the hardest dick you’ve ever seen.

“What the fuck?”


“Y-your dick is so hard…”

He pulls your shirt up and throws it across the room. You never thought your own brother liked you in this way! He grabs you and pulls you towards him seductively. He pulls down his jeans further and pulls them down, along with his boxers. You sit there, not knowing what to do as he pulls down your wet panties under your skirt and throws them across the room with your shirt.

You stand up and crawl on top of his lap. He smiles cutely and you grab his dick and put the tip inside your lips. You circle it around for a minute and start to lower your body on him.

“Faster,” he urges.

You pick up your speed as he moans quietly. “Faster!” he yells.

You go as fast as you possibly can. You feel your pussy drip and see it slide down his cock.

“A-ah..I..I’m..a-about..t-to..c..cum..” he says in between moans.

You moan loudly and try to keep yourself from screaming. You go a few more times before ending with a few quiet screams. You can feel your pussy fill up with his delicious semen. You feel your juices mix as you collapse beside him.