Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Sexychick64...)

In one swift motion your dad pushes you onto the bed. He lies on top of you, frantically kissing you while his hands are on your breasts. You can feel his cock rub your pussy through his trousers as he dry-humps you madly.

“I’m so sorry, Emma, I know this is wrong but I have to have you.”

“I want you too dad,” you whisper as you push him back.

You start to remove your clothes as he removes his. His eight-inch fat cock springs out of his trousers with ease, already oozing with precum. As you finish removing your underwear he’s already wanking himself off, looking at your naked body.

You lie back fingering yourself as he stands there watching for a minute in a trance. His hand is trying to match your movement as you furiously play with your clit, biting your lips trying to hold back your orgasm.