Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Sexychick64...)

He moves to your pussy, rubbing his dick in between your folds. You moan as his cock head rubs against your clit and coats it with precum.

“Dad it’s not a safe day, we can’t without a condom.”

“It’s okay,” he says unconvincingly. “I will pull out.”

You’re not sure if you believe him but you haven’t got time to think as he starts to push his cock inside of you. You hold back a scream as his fat long cock fills up every inch of your insides and pokes at your cervix. With pre-cum already oozing from his cock it may already be too late for your unprotected fertile womb.

He begins to fuck you hard and fast, grunting loudly with each thrust. You feel more horny than you have ever before, knowing your father’s forbidden cock is pounding your vulnerable pussy. Your inside walls squeeze his hard thick cock with every stroke, encouraging him to keep going.

“Fuck, Emma, you’re so tight, this is the best fuck I’ve ever had. Your mother is nothing compared to you!” he grunts in between thrusts.

Your hot wet pussy is now making sounds with every thrust as his fucking gets harder and faster. You feel him go so deep he is almost forcing your cervix open. His primal instinct to make you his is strong, but at this point you don’t even care.

“You can fuck me whenever you want dad, I am your fuckslave!”

“Oh shit” he says panting, “I’m so close Emma to cumming, I’m going to fuck you every day and night if I can!”

“Are you gonna pull out?” you ask, moaning. You’re not sure if you want him to…