Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by John...)

Claudia suddenly bursts out the front door.

“Come on Claudia, why do you always have to be late?” you ask her.

“Sorry Emma! Tommorow I’ll be on time, I promise.”

“You better be.”

As you cycle towards school you continue talking. “So Emma, how did your history test go?” Claudia asks you.

“It went terrible. I really don’t think I can pass this year just because of those stupid history tests,” you reply.

“Can’t you convince Mister Smith to give you a higher grade?” Claudia asks.

“How could I do that?”

“Come on Emma. You seriously don’t know he’s always staring at your ass and your tits? Just sleep with him or something!” Claudia suggests.

“Well, I don’t know if I want to do that but I’ll consider it. I have him the first period anyway,” you answer.

“Okay I have to go to maths the first hour. I’m so not ready for that!” Claudia says.

“Good luck with that!”

You arrive at school. “Bye guys I’ll see you after the first period” you shout to your friends.

“Bye, Emma!”

As you start unpacking your bag Mister Smith walks in and addresses the class. “I’ve finished grading the last tests. Most of you did quite well, but a few of you didn’t. George, Alex and Emma — the three of you got an F. And for you, Emma, it means you failed my class unless you get a better grade on the do-over.”

Mister Smith continues telling grades and teaching the class until the bell rings. The others quickly leave the classroom till only you and Mister Smith are in the room. You walk up to him.

“Sir I really need a better grade but history is just too hard for me” you tell him.

“Well, Emma, you would have gotten better grades if you’d study more,” Mister Smith replies. As the two of you are talking you notice him glancing at your boobs quite often.

“Well, isn’t there something I could do to fix my grades?” you ask.

“Well Emma, that depends. What do you have in mind?”