Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by John...)

“Well, my parents aren’t home so you could drop by, but only if I’m not busy with school, and then we could have some fun together,” you suggest to him as you turn around so your ass is pressed right against his cock

“Emma, you’re really attractive but I could lose my job if I fuck you.”

You start grinding up against your teacher and you grab his hands and lay them on your tits. “I won’t tell, besides I know you want to fuck me,” you say to him.

He squeezes your tits and starts grinding his cock against your ass. “Okay Emma, I’ll change your grade, I just need to fuck you” the teacher tells you.

“I’ll come by tonight then you can fuck me” you tell him.

“No, Emma I want you now, you wanted to turn me on and, well, you succeeded.”

“I don’t have time! I have to go to the next lesson. I’ll be your fucktoy tonight, okay?” you answer.

“I’ll give you a note saying we had to discuss your grade. Now, Emma, just show me what I’ll get tonight!”

“Alright.” You take your top off.

Your horny teacher pushes you against the wall and starts making out with you while grabbing your tits. After a while he breaks the kiss and starts to whisper in your ear. “Emma, I want you to suck my cock a bit before I fuck you, okay?”

“Sure.” You get on your knees as he takes off his pants. You start stroking his cock and kissing the tip before slowly sliding it in your mouth, until your teacher grabs your head and tells you, “Emma, show me your deep-throat skills!”

You’ve deep-throated bigger cocks than his, so you suck his cock all the way in with relative ease, which your teacher clearly enjoys. After sucking his cock for a while your teacher pulls his cock out and pulls you up. “Emma you’re great at sucking cock, but now I am going to fuck you!”

You wrap your arms and legs around your teacher while he pushes you against the wall. You feel him slowly burying his cock inside your pussy till it’s fully inside. As he starts pounding you, your back gets slammed against the wall. You start going up and down on his cock as he continues pounding you against the wall.

Your teacher starts grunting at you. “Emma, I’m almost there!”

He throws you on the desk and fucks you as hard as he can. After a short while of hard fucking he holds you down on the desk with his cock as far inside of your pussy as he can get while shooting his load inside of you.

“Emma, that felt amazing. I’m looking forward to tonight. I’m going to fuck you all night long.”

“I’ll come as soon as I can, but now I really need to go to the next class.” You quickly put your clothes back on and hurry off.