Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Jacob D...)

“You don’t have to pull out if you don’t want to,” you tell him.

Your father keeps thrusting into you, his cock pushing in and out of your tight slit. His grip is starting to tighten, and his breathing is getting much more rapid. He’s thrusting harder, his hips smacking against your round ass.

“Fuck, I’m not pulling out, you can take my load, take it Emma!” your father groans.

You know you shouldn’t let him but, you want it so bad, you need it so bad. You start moaning louder as he rocks into you hard.

He suddenly stops and pushes himself all the way inside you, his tip rubbing against your cervix.

“Are you cumming daddy?” you ask him as his cock starts twitching and throbbing inside you.

You can feel yourself warming up inside and you feel full, as your daddy’s sperm fills you up. He’s almost definitely gonna get you pregnant, but it feels so good.

Your daddy pulls out of you and watches as his daughter’s pussy begins leaking with his cum.