Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Cecehops...)

You finished sex with a Brody so you decide take a pregnancy test. It comes back positive! How are you gonna tell Brody?

You walk in to Brody’s room.

“Back for more?” he asks.

You tell him.

“Well…” he looks confused.

“Well what?” you say with a very nervous voice. “I guess I’m kinda yours now.”

He looks a little less confused, even slightly happy, but you can still tell he doesn’t understand.

“I’m kinda pregnant with your baby!”

His jaw drops to the ground. “I can’t believe this! I’ve honestly wanted this for so long!”

You look shocked. You never knew that he wanted this. Or wanted you!

Then you both say in unison, “What are mom and dad going to say?”

You think for a moment and realize you two aren’t qualified to have a kid! I mean your parents kept all of your baby things, but it means less time you guys get to spend together!

You tell him this and he looks wildly disappointed. He tells you that even if he wasn’t the father he would still be madly in love with you and says, “I want to spend the rest of my life with you and this baby!”

You want to say it back but are worried about your parents. You close your eyes and think only about right now — you think about Brody and true love! You know he is the man of your dreams. “I never wanna live another day without you!”

He is happy with the response. You lock eyes and both go in for a kiss.

Suddenly your mother and your step-dad D.J. burst in with the pregnancy test you left in the bathroom! They are yelling at you both. “What is going on?”

You both look at each other and Brody finally says, “I love her and am now the father of her baby.”

You scream, “Why would it be okay for my parents to want to fuck me but not my brother?” You are sobbing at this point. “I finally know how he feels and I am in love with him. I would rather die than not spend every day of my life with him!”