Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

Her Secret Fantasy

You lie next to your naked girlfriend on the bed, staring at the ceiling and panting slightly from your exertions. Neither of you speak, preferring to reflect in silence on your recent earth-shattering lovemaking.

You give yourself a mental pat on the back. Once again, you’ve treated Rachel to the best fuck of her life. She’s a very lucky girl to have such a considerate lover as you.

After a little while, she speaks. “Ross?” she asks, in a voice that sounds slightly tentative.

“Yeah babe?” you reply.

“Was that good for you?” she asks carefully. “I mean, was it really good?”

Oh dear, she’s obviously experiencing a bit of self-doubt. Women are like that. You have to constantly reassure them that they’re attractive and worthy of banging.

“Don’t worry babe, you were awesome,” you reply. And it’s true — you really do quite enjoy sticking your penis into this girl. Some day you might marry her so you can keep on doing it.

“Um, that’s not quite what I meant,” says Rachel nervously. “Is there maybe something else you’d like to try? You know, something a little different. Something a bit more… adventurous?”

You frown. Could this be some kind of trap? You’d better play it safe. “No… not really…” you venture. There’s no way that you’re telling Rachel what you’re really into. You make a mental note to delete your browser history.

“It’s just that there’s something that I’d really like to try,” she says, snuggling up to you and gently stroking your chest. Her bare breasts press against your side.

You’re intrigued. What kinky stuff does your girlfriend want to do? You run through the possibilities in your head, getting more and more excited as they occur to you. Could it be missionary with the lights on? Or maybe missionary with the lights partly dimmed? How about missionary, but she keeps her panties on? Or missionary and you keep your underpants on? It might even be missionary but the both of you keep your underwear on. You try to imagine how that would work. Is it even possible?

“Babe, I’d do anything to make you happy,” you say truthfully. “Don’t be shy. Tell me what you want, and I’ll try to make it happen.”

Rachel bites her lip nervously, then raises herself up so she can look you in the eye. She looks at you intently, then takes a deep breath and blurts it out.