Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by SecretShadows...)

“I want to fuck you in a public bathroom,” says your girlfriend with a slight smirk to her voice. She climbs up on top of you and sits, and traces circles on your chest.

“You know that bathroom at my work? The one on the third floor? Come in during my shift tomorrow and let’s fuck.” Rachel giggles and leans down to kiss you on the lips.

The fantasy actually takes you by surprise. You were expecting something much more private. You don’t quite dismiss the idea — it actually makes you horny as hell — but you still sense it might be a trap. You flip her over until you are on top of her and whisper in her ear.

“And if we get caught?” you ask.

“We won’t. It’s the woman’s bathroom on the third floor and no one ever uses it. Don’t you think it would be exciting?”

Your mind is wary of this idea, but your dick is definitely excited. You smile and kiss her passionately one more time.

“Your wish is my command,” you say jokingly as you kiss her neck. She suddenly feels the boner you have and tries to get up.

“We’ll do it tomorrow, but let’s take care of what you have there now shall we?” she giggles, grasping your cock and beginning to stroke it.

You get up and she gets off to the side of the bed. Rachel smiles at you and begins to suck your dick rapidly until you finally cum into her mouth and she swallows.

God, you can’t wait until tomorrow.