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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Shoehorn...)

“Not at all… slave!” you say to Rachel, your lips curling into a roguish grin. She visibly trembles with excitement at her new title. You’d actually spent more than one night fantasizing about having your girlfriend completely submit to you, so you know just how to proceed.

You sit upright, looking down at her as she hangs on your every word. “If you’re going to be my slave, from now on, you exclusively refer to me as ”Master.“ You will also become my property — meaning I can fuck you and treat you however I want. Is that understood, slut?”

“Y-Yes, of course, Ross… I-I mean, Master!” Rachel says with a growing blush and an excited stammer. “I’ll do anything for you!”

Now that Rachel knows her rightful place, what kind of Master will you be to your new slave?