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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Shoehorn...)

Listening to Rachel’s breathless moans stirs the fires deep within your loins, and you can feel the lust for your woman rising. You will have her anyway you want, and you want it hard.

You rise from the bed, standing up with your semi-erect cock slowly hardening. Your low voice barks out a command: “Get on your knees in front of me, you dumb slut.”

Almost instantly, your girlfriend crawls over the bed and slinks down to the ground in front of you, her eyes wide and yearning. You grab a handful of her hair and ball it in a fist, pulling her into your crotch. “You wanna be my private cumslut? Then suck me off. I want to hear you gagging, bitch.”

Rachel’s body shudders excitedly at your dirty talk. In a whisper that betrays her excitement, she says, “Of course, my Master!” Her mouth opens as she gobbles up the head of your cock and sucks on the first few inches. You can feel your manhood swell against her writhing tongue until it reaches its full girth.