Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by RandomShadfan...)

“That sounds amazing,” you tell her. “Mistress,” you add with a playful smirk.

Rachel’s face lights up in a positive beam and she puts her lips to your ear. “I’m glad to hear it, my little slave,” she whispers, and she takes your wrists before pinning them to the bed with her hands.

Without breaking step, she kisses you on the lips, forcing her tongue into your mouth. It’s clear she’s practiced this fantasy to make sure she got it right.

Rachel breaks the kiss, reaches under the pillow and produces a pair of handcuffs, and it doesn’t take a scientist to figure out her intentions.

She tells you, slightly serious. “If you want out of them, just say ‘Red’ and I’ll dominate you some other way, my toy.”

After nodding, you allow your Mistress to cuff your hands behind your head, and she asks you quietly “Tell me something, slave. What do you expect me to do to you, with your hands now locked in those restraints?”

You mind buzzes with suggestions immediately. You are given a slight slap to the face to snap you out of your imagination, and Rachel tells you she expects an answer in the next ten seconds.