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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by RandomShadfan...)

Standing in the doorway is your girlfriend’s boss, Mrs White. Rachel has frequently complained about her stern and unforgiving nature.

Mrs White’s pale face displays nothing but shock at the sight of her employee getting fucked on the bathroom counter. All three of you are completely speechless.

After a few seconds of solid silence, Rachel speaks up. “Mrs White, I’m so-” But Mrs White interrupts her, speaking to you. “Keep going.”

What? You must have heard wrong. “I said, keep going,” Mrs White repeats, a little more commanding.

You oblige, fucking your girlfriend’s pussy, and not being gentle about it either. Mrs White moves behind you and watches you in the mirror. You can see her fingers teasing her pussy at the display.

“Eyes off of me, please,” Mrs White tells you, and you look down at Rachel’s beautiful ass instead, speeding up your rhythm.

It isn’t long before you feel the familiar sensation in your balls, and know that you’re about to explode.