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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by AnotherRandomFapper...)

“I want to see you fuck someone else!” says your girlfriend breathlessly.

It takes a moment for you to reply from the shock. “Woah… wasn’t expecting that, babe,” you say.

She blushes. “I don’t know why, but the thought of you fucking someone else turns me on. You don’t mind, do you Ross?” Rachel asks.

“No. I said I’d do anything, didn’t I?” you reply, your head swimming with possibilities. Her best friend Monica is one — you’ve always wanted to bang her.

Rachel now says something even more unexpected than the fantasy itself. “Of course, I’d prefer if you fucked a guy, but I won’t force you to. I’ll be content with just another girl.”

Do you wish to go the extra step and go into a new area to fulfil her fantasy? Or will you stay in your comfort area and just fuck another girl?