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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Pliny the Even Younger...)

“So, I’m guessing you have someone in mind, babe?” you lead her on. You can barely contain your excitement now you know that your gorgeous woman actually wants to be treated like the slut you’ve always wished she was.

“I have several boys I can call, and they’ll show up within half an hour!” Rachel purrs seductively.

“Call them now, the more the better!” you exclaim, your mind rapidly coming up with new, more debauched ideas about what you can get your girlfriend to do with these men.

“I’m gonna go find you something to wear, honey,” you say with a grin, as she puts the phone to her ear.

You get off the bed as she starts speaking to the first candidate, and head to the closet.

You have a few ideas about what you want her to wear, and pick them out rapidly. First is the slutty, scarlet thong with matching lace bra, that you bought her last valentines. She’d looked so good in it last time it just has to be an option for tonight’s show.

The next is her favourite LBD. The thought of watching your girlfriend being fucked while still wearing a dress has always turned you on.

Thirdly you pick out her yoga pants, her ass always looks incredible in them, and you’d give anything to see them ripped from her squirming body by groping hands as your woman is pleasured by multiple strangers.

You gather up your selection and head back to the bed.

“Okay baby,” she says as she wraps her arms around your neck. “I have five of my friends heading over right now. Thank you so, so much for letting me do this — I know you’re gonna enjoy it!” she exclaims, her excitement palpable.

“What did you pick for me to wear?” Rachel asks with a sultry smile.