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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Emma...)

“Actually, Monica is on her way over,” says Rachel casually.

You look at your girlfriend with amazement. “She’s on her way over now? You mean you’ve already talked about this with Monica!?”

“No, she’s only coming over to borrow some books, she doesn’t know anything about this. But of course I told her that you and I have great sex, and I suppose I hinted sometime that it would be fun to try a threesome. But I have no idea how she will react. I know she’s into you though, she wants to fuck you bad.”

You feel a bit embarrassed to hear your girlfriend talk about you like that. “How do you know that?” you ask.

“She told me of course. Didn’t you know we girls talk about stuff?”

“Ding! Dong!”

Before you know what to say, you hear the doorbell ring.