Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Dbone...)

At this point, the doorbell rings. “Surprise me,” you suggest as you go down to answer the door.

Soon Rachel joins you in the living room, wearing her slinky black dress. She’s shocked to find not five but twelve guys milling around drinking beer.

You put down your drink and walk up to your girlfriend as she enters. “Looks like the word got around. You okay with this?” you ask.

“Ross, I’m not sure. There’s so many. I don’t know most of these guys…”

“It’s too late to back out now babe,” you say. “You wanted this.”

Rachel is hesitant but after thinking for a moment she gives a quick, nervous nod. Smiling you turn around to the group of guys, all wearing hungry looks, all waiting to get their hands on your hot girlfriend.

“She’s all yours boys,” you say as you give her a gentle shove towards them.

They waste no time. The first two guys start grabbing and groping her ass and tits. She squirms a little as the twelve guys crowd around her, pulling at her dress. It starts to tear a little as they jostle to get their hands to her cunt.

You recognise the five guys that she must have invited but the other seven are strangers to you. All appear to be in their mid twenties and seem to be friends. They joke together about what a whore she is. Rachel blushes furiously but says nothing.

“You have a tasty little slut here, mate,” one of them grins at you. “I can’t wait to get my cock into her.”

You watch as the group of strange men rip off Rachel’s dress, exposing her body to their leers. She gasps as her bra is ripped from her breasts.

“Fuck! Nice tits, bitch,” one guy says as he gropes your girlfriend.

These guys do not hold back. They paw at her naked flesh. Ripping the rest of her clothes off they start smacking her tits and ass. One guys starts pulling her hair while another chokes her a little.

As they continue this rough treatment they push her down onto her hands and knees. Her ass and cunt are invitingly exposed as the guys continue to smack and slap her. You wonder if she is enjoying this. From her gasps and yelps it’s clear that Rachel was not expecting to be used so roughly.

“Looks like the little bitch is struggling,” one guy laughs as he pulls her hair and slaps her sensitive nipple.

The first two guys pull out their hard cocks and position themselves, ready to spit roast your girlfriend. As she waits for her gangbang to really begin she looks at you, anxious.

You look at the big hard cocks positioned at her cunt and mouth, ready to ram into her. You wonder if you should stop this now. It may be too late.

Maybe Rachel really wants to be gang fucked by a dozen men. Maybe you don’t care if she wants it or not. Maybe this is the first of many sessions with your new slut girlfriend. Maybe, you think, you can make a bit of money out of her.