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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Emma...)

“No way!” you say. “That is ancient history! I can’t believe Amy told you about that. Anyway, I won’t do it, I want to be with you!”

Rachel looks at you with sad eyes. “Please Ross,” she says. “I’ll do anything for you, you know that don’t you? Please just let me live this one fantasy!”

Your girlfriend knows how to play you. She starts stroking your balls ever so softly with the tip of her fingers and you feel your penis stiffen as she works her way up along its shaft.

“I’ll let you tie me up if you want,” she says as grabs your erect cock with her hand and strokes it. “I’ll be your sex slave for a week if you let me do this. I’ll serve you submissively all hours of the day, doing whatever you want. You can fuck me in the ass every day, I’ll even let you fuck me in public if that is what you want.”

She leans down in bed and put her lips around the head of your cock, you can feel the soft touch of her tongue as she works her way down, swallowing your whole length and slowly bobbing her head up and down. Her ass swaying in front of you.

Your mind blurs as she brings you closer to climax. Images of the university years with your step-sister Amy in the dorm start pooling back into your memory. You haven’t thought about those days for a long time, but that was a great time. You grab Rachel’s ass from behind and slide your fingers between her legs. She responds and opens up, letting your finger slid into her vagina.

You think of what a great woman Rachel is and how much you love her. You would really hate to lose what the two of you to have together. Still you can also remember the awkwardness of waking up beside your sister, with a terrible hangover knowing that you had done it again. There had been times when you had been feeling so ashamed of what you did, that you wanted to die.

Perhaps you think, as you plunge your finger deeper into Rachel’s pussy, that’s why you started dating your sister’s best friend, when you came back from Uni. To send a loud and clear signal to your sister, that you were done with all this foolishness.

As you are almost about to burst your cum into Rachel’s mouth, she stops all of a sudden. Sliding off your fingers and pulling her head back from your cock, which is now throbbing and glistening of her saliva and your pre-cum.

“Or,” she says, sitting up straight in the bed, “we could just forget about this whole ordeal and go back to how things used to be, if you’d like that.”

She smiles at you, and you can’t help to think that she is the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen. Except for your step-sister Amy of course.