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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Emma...)

“If that’s what you really want,” you hear yourself saying. You’re surprised to realize how horny this makes you, to think about having your step-sister Amy in bed again with your girlfriend.

There was a time when you felt guilty and ashamed of what you and your sister had done at Uni. But even if you have been trying to forget the past, your body still remembers everything. You can feel your cock stiffening between your legs as you and your girlfriend talk about your sister.

“I love you Rachel, I’d do anything to make you happy,” you say as you lean in between her legs and slide your tongue inside her vagina. “Let’s do this, let’s call her right away, before we have second thoughts.”

She leans down in bed and reaches for the phone. As you work your tongue up and down her pussy you hear the signals in the other end of the line, and then Amy answers.

Images of the university years with your sister in the dorm start pooling back into your memory. You hadn’t thought about those days for a long time, but that was a great time. You find Rachel’s clitoris and start working it as she is on the phone with your sister.

“Ummmmm … Hi Amy … mmm” says Rachel, biting her lips and pausing between her breaths. “I’m sorry to … call this late … uunghh … I was just wondering if you would … (aaaahhh) … if you would like to come over … ungh … there’s something me and … (ooohh) … Ross … would like to talk to you abo…oouut!”

You enjoy listening to your girlfriend trying to have a normal conversation on the phone as you lick her pussy.

“Sure Rachel, are you alright, you sound kind of distressed?” your sister replies.

“No … I’m fi… hiiiine!” moans Rachel as you plunge both your fingers into her wet pussy and start to rub her g-spot. “Just hurry, get here!”

Rachel climaxes just after she ends the conversation. Afterwards she lies panting on your arm, smiling happily.

You think of what a great woman Rachel is and how much you love her. Still you can also remember the awkwardness of waking up beside your sister, with a terrible hangover, knowing that you have done something you promised yourself never to do again.

But this time it will be different — this time it’s your girlfriend who actually wants you to do it all together.

“That was so naughty of you,” says Rachel, “And so exciting. It was almost as if she was here in bed with us. I am so looking forward to tasting her pussy.”

Perhaps you think, as you kiss your girlfriend’s sweet lips, that’s why you started dating your sister’s best friend, because you never really were over your sister.

Rachel smiles at you, and you can’t help to think that she is the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen. Except for your step-sister Amy of course.