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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by RandomShadfan...)

You sigh. “I don’t know, babe. I mean, the times I had with her were good, but the times I’m having with you are amazing. I don’t know if we should…” your voice trails off.

Rachel smiles at the compliment. “Ross, I appreciate that you think I’m better than her. But I really think a threesome with her would blow everything we’ve had out of the water.”

On the one hand, your dick is getting hard at the thought of a threesome with your girlfriend and your step-sister Amy, but on the other hand some part of you feels it would be wrong in some way. You’re torn between the two choices.

Rachel seems to know what you’re thinking and speaks up. “How about we let her decide? If she’s up for a threesome, we do it. If she isn’t up for it, we don’t do it.”

That sounds like an idea, but you’re still quite torn. Rachel bites her lip and looks you in the eyes, nervous about your answer.