Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by 7...)

The first guy plunges his cock into your girlfriend’s waiting pussy, making Rachel gasp. The second guy quickly takes advantage of her open mouth and shoves his cock down her throat. You feel your cock growing hard as you watch your sexy girlfriend get spit-roasted by two strangers. Here’s your fantasy, that you had kept hidden for so long laid bare in front of you!

In a flash of inspiration, you run to your bedroom, and grab your video camera. You grin, thinking that you’re going to get your new slut girlfriend’s first fucking on video. As you turn to go back out of your room, you notice that today is circled on the calendar. You go back downstairs, and see your girlfriend on her back getting fucked hard by the same two guys still, and you start recording. The calendar still keeps bothering you though, then you realize that it’s for Rachel’s “cycle”!

In growing horror, you notice none of these guys wearing condoms…

The first guy starts fucking faster, and yells “I’m gonna cum!”

You rush over and whisper in Rachel’s ear. “Babe, you’re ovulating and none of these guys are wearing condoms!”

Rachel struggles for a moment, trying to say something around the cock she’s sucking on, but then quickly makes the situation much worse. “OMG, don’t cum inside me, I’m not on birth control and I’m ovulating!”

Right then the guy slams balls deep into Rachel, then pulls out. You look and see the first load of cum is already in your girlfriend’s unprotected womb. You zoom in with the camera and watch a stranger’s cum running out, then watch the guy who was just been getting his cock sucked plow into Rachel’s used pussy. You can’t take it anymore, and you step back and pull out your cock and start jacking off. It’s just too hot to see Rachel, your hot girlfriend, not only fucking bareback, but getting creampied and knowing she’s ovulating!

Rachel looks at you with mixed emotions playing across her face, but as she watches you jerking off she grabs the guy fucking her and pulls him into her hard, clenching her pussy, and screams “Fuck me and cum inside me! Fill me up while my boyfriend sits there and watches!” She looks at you “Do you like what you see? Isn’t this what you’ve been watching on the Internet, girlfriends getting gang banged bareback? Obviously, ‘cause you’re watching all these guys and can’t help but jack off!” Rachel laughs and tells you “I’m going to let every one of them fill me with their cum while you watch, as many times as they want!”

You stand up and walk over, and kiss Rachel. She pulls back, and smiles. “I love you thank you for letting me be a slut for you!” She pulls your head down and kisses you, slipping her tongue into your mouth. You move back and bring the camera for a close up of your girlfriend’s pussy as the second guy cums, catching on video the cum spilling out. Two more guys come up, and Rachel starts sucking on one while the other slides into your girlfriend’s now sloppy and cum-filled pussy. You start masturbating furiously as you watch your girlfriend possibly impregnated by a group of guys, more than half of then you don’t even know!