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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by RandomShadfan...)

“I’ll leave you there. That should give you time to think,” you tell her, almost threateningly. Then you walk through the door and slam it shut behind you.

You expect to hear your girlfriend scream for help, but there is nothing. But you swear, once or twice, that you can hear sobbing from the bedroom.

A couple of hours later, you return to the bedroom and open the door cautiously. Rachel is still lying there, hands tied behind her head, but fast asleep.

“Hey,” you say, and she jerks awake. Upon seeing you, she shuts her eyes tightly and turns her head away from you.

She might have learned her lesson by now, judging by the sobs. Now, however, it looks like she’s scared of you. Should you let her go? Should you fuck her anyway, while she’s still helpless to stop you?

One part of you wants to teach her a lesson in mercy by untying her. But another part of you wants to teach her a lesson in respect by fucking her senseless. A third part of you lights up and tells you to apologize by eating her out and giving her the best orgasm she’s ever had.