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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by RandomShadfan...)

“Do you think you can record it?” you ask your girlfriend.

“Huh?” Rachel looks at you quite confused, clearly wondering what you’re thinking.

You elaborate. “Rachel, if you record it, I can watch it later, or we can even watch it together. You know how much I like watching porn.”

You hot girlfriend chuckles at the last sentence. “Well, I’ll have to ask whoever I get here,” she explains. “But I should be able to.”

“Great!” you say eagerly. You’re quite excited about the prospect of seeing your girlfriend having hot lesbian sex with another girl on video.

Rachel looks as ecstatic about the prospect as you. “When are you next out of town?” she asks you, failing to keep her excitement hidden.

“Hmm…Let me think for a minute,” you reply, thinking about when you’re next away from the house.