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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by RandomShadfan...)

“Relax, I’ve got this,” you whisper to Rachel. You can explain that you’re her boyfriend. They should understand. If they don’t, you have them fired on sexual harassment charges. Win-win.

Turning to the men, you say “Hold it guys. This woman is my girlfriend. We’re just exploring new avenues of our sex life here.”

Upon hearing these words, two men say “Sorry” and leave, embarrassed.

“Dude, are you aware your girlfriend is a fucking cocktease?” one of the remaining men replies.

“I am now,” you answer. “I didn’t know before, but now I do know, I’ll be sure to give her punishment to remind her that she’s mine.” Your appeal to the men’s dominant natures works… sort-of. Some of the men let out a few “Oooos” and a few leave, satisfied. At least ten stay.

“The best way to punish her would be to let us fuck the shit out of her. We’ve been teased by her since she joined the workforce, and our cocks are threatening to explode,” one of them tells you. You look behind you and see Rachel almost cowering in the corner, frantically shaking her head.

Part of you says that she deserves the punishment for flirting with strangers, but you could just tell her they’ll be no more bathroom sex unless she stops. You turn back to the men and choose your words.