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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Pliny the Even Younger...)

“Wait!” snaps Mrs White sharply, grabbing your arm in a vice-like grip. You stop, completely shocked by this turn of events.

You find yourself looking at her, waiting for further orders, frustrated by the lack of release but not daring to defy her. However, she shows no interest in you at all.

Speaking to the girl in front of you she asks viciously; “So, you want to act like a little slut in my office do you Rachel?”

“N… No Mrs White,” your girlfriend stammers, “We were only ha-”

Her attempted apology is cut short. “I don’t want to hear your excuses, you whore!” Mrs White exclaims shrilly, making you both jump.

The older woman strides over to the door of the bathroom and locks it with a snap. Turning to face you and your now cowering girlfriend, she fixes you with fearsome glare.

As you feel your balls shrivel back into your body, your girlfriend’s boss tells you exactly what she wants you to do. “Since your woman here insists on being a slut, that’s exactly how we’re going to treat her.”

You can’t help but be a little intrigued to find out to where this is going.

“You are going to do just I want, in order to teach this bitch a little humility,” she says silkily.

Mrs White marches back to the two of you and grabs your girlfriend by the hair and forces her to her knees.

“Open wide!” she spits nastily and Rachel does exactly as she’s told as the older woman wraps her hair around her fist and proceeds to grab your cock and force it into your girlfriend’s open mouth.

Mrs White then uses your Rachel’s hair like a joystick as she roughly slides her up and down your throbbing shaft, her eyes tightly closed as she gags on your rod, all she can say is, “gak, gak, gak,” in feeble protest at her treatment.

You can’t help but groan in pleasure as your girlfriend is forced to deep-throat your manhood whilst she is completely controlled by another woman.

You quickly realize your girl is turned on by this just as much, as she frantically rubs her sopping wet cunt whilst her throat is being stretched out, courtesy of her boss.

Strings of saliva start dripping down Rachel’s chin and her mascara runs down her cheeks, as Mrs White slams her against your abdomen, forcing you to skull-fuck her harder.

“Oh fuuuck, i’m gonna fucking cum!” you announce shakily as Mrs White slides your girlfriend’s head slowly and deeply along your schlong.

Before you can stop yourself you spurt an enormous load, the biggest you’ve ever produced, straight into Rachel’s stomach, as she whimpers and moans into the mouthful of cock she’s receiving as she herself has a huge orgasm.

Mrs White lets go of her hair, and she slides off your penis with a loud slurp and gasps for air.

“Thank you so much Mrs White!” your woman purrs seductively. “I’ve been such a naughty little slut I deserve everything you want to do to me, but please don’t stop I should get even more punishment!”

Mrs White looks at your girlfriend angrily as your cock begins to shrink.

You hold your breath and wait for her next move.