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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by AnotherRandomFapper...)

“I want us to have an orgy!” your girlfriend exclaims. “The thought of just being part of one huge raunchy party, with no idea of what could happen, just turns me on to no end.” Her face turns red after saying that.

“Wow… I honestly wouldn’t expect that to be your secret fantasy.” you respond.

“You’re not put off by the idea, are you?” Rachel questions, worried.

“No, I’m willing to try it out, but I don’t know who to invite,” you tell her. Thankfully, she reassures you by saying she has a lot of people she can invite: her friend Monica, your step-sister Amy…

“Wait, why my sis?” you question.

“Oh, Amy told me what you two did in the past. Us girls like to talk about dirty stuff like that, you know,” Rachel says seductively. You blush a deep red after hearing that.

“Okay, let’s arrange this orgy, babe,” you say to her.

“Oh, thank you Ross! After this, I’ll be your own little submissive slut for the rest of the month that you can use however you want, whenever you want!” she says while kissing your cheek. You really like Rachel’s idea now. She goes to call up everyone while you wait.