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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Dbone...)

“That’s it guys,” you say to them. “Fuck the little slut.”

With a cheer from the group the two of the biggest cocks Rachel’s ever taken are plunged into her mouth and cunt. As they begin pounding into her you pull out your own hard dick and start jerking off.

The expression on her face is strained as a thick cock fucks in and out of her throat. You can see her gag around it, trying futilely to pull away.

“She’s still got a hole free,” one guy complains. “Let me get at that little bitch’s asshole.”

At this, the men rearrange her as she kicks and struggles. You know she wanted to be treated rough but this might be too much. They force her to straddle one guy and he sticks his cock right into her ass, making her squeal. Then another guy moves up and penetrates her already well-fucked pussy.

“Ross…” she begins before a third cock is pushed into her mouth, muffling her.

You move around the room, ensuring you get a good view of your girlfriend being fucked hard by three well hung guys at once. With approval you notice that none of the guys are wearing condoms.

Soon they all come, shooting jets of spunk into all of your Rachel’s holes. Immediately they switch with the next three, not giving her a chance to protest. They all slide in easily and once again she begins moaning and gagging. She is still writhing as the group crowds in, groping and slapping her tits.

The guy in her mouth rams his cock down her throat and holds it there, restricting her breath. He soon releases her and she gasps for air but it isn’t long before she’s gagging on this stranger’s shaft again.

Rachel wanted to bareback a group of guys but she might be having second thoughts. “Ross, please make them stop,” she pleads as the guy in her mouth pulls his dick out and starts slapping her face with it.

“Looks like the little whore has bitten off more than she can chew boys,” the guy in her ass laughs as he thrusts even harder into her.