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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by RandomShadfan...)

“I don’t know, Mistress. Please — you choose what you do,” you tell Rachel, your heart racing at what the hot domme might have in mind.

“Letting me choose? Good boy,” she answers. She dives into a drawer next to the bed. “Eyes closed.” she orders, and you oblige. You feel a pair of earmuffs clap over your head and are unable to hear anything. For the next minute you are left completely unaware of what Rachel is doing. You’re tempted to open your eyes, but doubt that she would approve.

The earmuffs are lifted. “Open your eyes, Ross,” she tells you. Your eyes open and are greeted with an almost terrifying sight.

Rachel has dressed in a latex suit that exposes her tits and head but nothing else. The scariest sight though, is a scarlet strap-on dildo around her crotch, or perhaps it is the look of malicious intent on her beautiful face.

“Since I’m your mistress, that also makes you my bitch,” she tells you, her voice full of quiet lust. “I made sure to get a dildo the same size as your cock, so you knew just how it would feel to be me. So would you rather suck me off before I fuck you, or do you want me to go in dry?”

You guess you’re on another timer. You’re not entirely sure you like this idea, but you know that your girlfriend will adore you for going through with it. One half of you wants to fulfill Rachel’s desires, but the other half is yelling at you to say “red.”