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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Emma...)

“Actually, now that I think of it, we’ve got this team-building trip with the company next weekend. I already said I didn’t want to go because I was thinking maybe you and I could do something special. I guess this could be that special thing, even though I maybe had something else in mind. Maybe I can talk to my boss about it and ask if I can join the trip after all.”

You spend the rest of the night talking and caressing each other. You ask Rachel who she has in mind for this experiment, and she mentions a few girls she’s been thinking about.

You keep thinking about how weird this feels, but still you are really looking forward to see the video with your girlfriend having sex with another woman.

You both talk about how good it will be when you get back from your business trip and you can watch the video together and have sex. It makes you horny just thinking about it.

You make love one more time before you fall asleep that night, and as you close your eyes and lie your head on the pillow, you keep thinking how much you love this woman and all her crazy ideas.

Your boss doesn’t have any problem with you joining the team-building trip with such short notice, in fact she’s glad you’ve changed your mind.

“This will be a great boost of morale for the whole company.” she says. “And as you are senior district manager, I think it is a good idea you come along to show us some team spirit.”

As you pack your bags on Thursday night for the weekend stay, you can see Rachel is really excited about the weekend. She is humming to herself and her cheeks are rosy in a way you haven’t seen in a long time.

You check that the batteries in your old digital camera are fully loaded and that the memory card is empty before you throw your tooth brush and your razor in the trunk and zip it up.

“So, did you find a girl for your weekend lesbian adventure?” you ask, trying to sound casual about it, but you can feel something sinking in your stomach, and you realize you’re not as certain about this as you thought you were.

“Yes,” she giggles. “But I was thinking not to tell you about it. Because I want it to be a surprise for you. When you get back I promise you’ll see everything. And I do mean everything.”

As she says this, you can feel a tinge of excitement again, and you look deep into her eyes and feel certain you can trust her.

“Where was it you were going again on this team building trip of yours?” she asks.