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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Emma...)

The next day, you are both invited to a Sunday lunch at your parents’ place. You feel kind of weird going there after last night’s discussion in bed, because you know your step-sister Amy will be there. But you know Rachel really enjoys hanging out with your family and that they get along quite well with each other, sometimes you think Rachel fits into your family better than you ever did.

In the car over to your parents’ place, Rachel is uncommonly quiet, and she keeps texting a lot on her mobile.

“Are you alright honey?” you ask, but she only responds with a shrug of her shoulders.

“About yesterday,” you continue. “I think it is better if we just do as you said and forget about this whole idea and go back to normal.”

“Yeah, whatever,” she says. Apparently now is not a good time to talk about it, you decide.

You arrive at the family lunch and it is as pleasant as ever. Your mother has cooked you your favorite food and everyone seem to be happy, or at least pretending.

After lunch you excuse yourself to go to the toilet, bringing an old magazine with you. As you sit there contemplating the lunch and the night before, you realize that this was all just a weird fantasy of Rachel’s and that everything will soon be forgotten and business back to normal between you and her. You flush the toilet with a confident feeling of getting rid of something old and starting anew again.

But on your way back from the toilet, you can’t help but hear someone or something in the garage. Out of curiosity, you go there to check it out.