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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Emma...)

Your step-sister Amy just can’t bring herself to hang up the phone. As she listens to her brother fucking her best friend on the other side of town, she remembers the few times she and you have stumbled into bed together. She has only had a few sexual encounters in her life but none of them have been quite as good as the ones with her own brother.

Over the phone Amy can hear Rachel screaming for joy, she can hear your loud panting and even the smacking as you plunge into your girlfriend faster and faster.

“Oh, my god,” she thinks. “This is so turning me on!”

The first time you two ended up in bed together had really been an accident, but the second time … She had planned the second time carefully, even though you had promised each other never to have sex again. She had shown up at your place with a bottle of your favorite Tequila one night when she knew your housemate was out of town. It wasn’t hard that time to get you into bed, but since then it has been like a wall has shut down between you.

Your sister closes her eyes and listens carefully to you and Rachel having sex on the other side of the line. Slowly she puts her fingers inside her panties and feels her pussy is getting wet. She imagines for a while that she is back in your old place and that it is her getting fucked and not Rachel.

Then she hears something that really turns her on and freaks her out at the same time. She can hear Rachel screaming over the phone “FUCK me Ross, fuck me as if I was your own sister! Pretend I’m Amy!”