Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by AnotherRandomFapper...)

“Use me as you see fit, mistress. I live to fulfil your pleasure,” you say.

Rachel spanks you while saying “Good. I like it when my sluts acknowledge that they’re my toys.” You simply nod in agreement.

“Now, face down, ass up, bitch.” she suddenly orders. You do as she says, tensing when she rubs her cock against your ass. You think about saying ‘red’, but then she forcefully thrusts into you, wiping the thought away.

“Mmmm… you like that, huh?” Rachel says after hearing you moan from that thrust. You have a hard time forming words, due to the sensation. But eventually you do. “Use me more, mistress! Fuck me harder! Make me your slutty bitch!” you exclaim.

“You’re a good slave. Maybe Monica will enjoy you too. Who knows, maybe even your sister Amy will as well?” she purrs. You’re too lost in pleasure to really comprehend what she said, merely moaning. Rachel thrusts harder into you, the both of you cumming shortly afterwards.

“So, did you enjoy that, Ross?”