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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by RandomShadfan...)

You open your mouth in response and Rachel smiles. “Good slave,” she tells you, before pushing the dildo into your mouth.

You let your tongue explore every inch of the dildo, getting it as wet as possible. Rachel makes sure to pull back every few seconds to give you a short breather before pushing it back inside.

Your Mistress pushes the whole dildo into your mouth, and you suddenly realize what a challenge it is for her to deep-throat you. You choke slightly and Rachel pulls back again.

Your girlfriend looks at her spit-covered dildo and comments “Nice work, slave. You might be better than me at blowjobs. So, how would you like me to pop your anal cherry? Missionary? Doggystyle? Cowboy?”

You cough with a tear or two in your eye, pant slightly and take your pick.