Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by RandomShadfan...)

Wanting to get her ready, you crawl down between Monica’s legs to her pussy before gently lapping at it, letting your tongue spread across the whole entrance. It might be your imagination, but you’re pretty sure you can taste strawberry in Monica’s pussy juices.

When you reach her clit, you lick it in circles and press your tongue against it, arching Monica’s back again. “Oh god Rachel he’s good at this!” she moans between pants.

“Believe me girlfriend, I know,” Rachel answers. You look behind you for a moment and see her prodding the dildo at her pussy entrance.

Smiling, you return to Monica’s wet pussy. You suck her clit hard, causing her legs to close in suddenly. You allow your fingers to enter the mix, tracing her slit up and down as you kiss her clit. She’s as wet as a swimming pool now, and your cock is as stiff as it’s ever been.

You penetrate Monica with a single finger and push it in as deep as it can go. You withdraw it, crawl up to and offer it to her, who gladly takes it in her mouth, sucking almost dreamily.

Now to decide: what to fuck first, and how to fuck it? Those tits look tempting, but her pussy is dripping wet, and then there’s the way she sucked your finger… You brain races with possibilities.